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My name is Grayson Maker
& I'm a Marketing Professional

Strategic and resourceful marketer who drives full-funnel impact.

Skilled in identifying and capitalizing on business opportunities and optimizing resources for maximum impact through innovative problem-solving, strategic planning, and a relentless commitment to learning and growth.


Ready to bring my skills to Growth Marketing and Digital Marketing roles, especially at growth-stage companies and agencies.

If you're looking to add talent and enthusiasm to your team, I'd love to talk!

The Basics


Hometown of Newcastle, Oklahoma

University of Notre Dame

Bachelors in Psychology and Business Economics

Go Irish.


Proud Resident of New Haven, Connecticut

Career Journey

I graduated in 2020, planning on getting an entry-level marketing role. But life had other plans.

I was cast into a challenging role, aiding our family business during its struggles with COVID-19, rapid growth, and a changing business model. While my title of "Growth Strategist" hints at my role, it doesn't capture the breadth of my contributions. Over two years, I embarked on a series of projects covering everything from business automation and strategic planning to process design.

By 2023, with the company on firmer ground and primed for growth, I pivoted to spearhead our marketing efforts. Despite being in business 15 years, we lacked a cohesive marketing strategy and brand identity. I've since built our marketing department from scratch. I immediately set out to define our brand identity. After thorough market analysis, I established our positioning and product strategies, and defined our mission, values, and brand voice. Now, I'm updating our digital presence to match this refined brand narrative.


Although there will always be more work to be done, it’s time for a new set of challenges. In my next chapter, I am looking an opportunity to prove myself as a marketer and work alongside a strong team I can learn from.


Contact Me


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